Last Flag Flying ★★½

Richard Linklater directing a road-trip dramedy is my idea of a good time. But only if it amounts to something special. Like the early scene in Before Midnight where Celene and Jesse have a quiet fight in the car while their kids sleep in the back. I kept waiting for a special moment like that in Last Flag Flying but it, unfortunately, never came. I love Linklater dialog, and there's a scene in the back of a train which gets closest to the fireworks and dynamicism of what I love from him.

If Linklater wants to spend this next part of his career giving us the stories of a Boomer generation that feels lost and wants to atone for their sins in handing us a worse off world than they were given, I'm into that. But I would love the same level of introspection and analysis that he brought to romantic relationships, or male friendships, or being a young person in Texas.