Mad Max: Fury Road ★★★★

PRO: This is a feminist action film. We need more of those.

CON: it is not billed as a feminist action film. That's a bummer, because some people who might go see it probably won't.

PRO: the action sequences, car chases, world-building and relentless intensity set this film apart from most summer blockbusters. Miller has at once a grandness and precision that other films have a hard time achieving.

CON: besides Theron's Furiosa, there are few characters well-developed, little imagery injected, few questions probed in this film overall. The plot and characters generally seemed to be an after thought rather than a driving force in the movie. Hardy is given little chance to display his acting skills. That's an opportunity lost, in my opinion.

Overall: a fun summer ride, but I doubt it'll be memorable for anyone who isn't already part of the Burning Man crowd.