Knives Out ★★★★½

I was going to give it five stars but then I completely forgot I even watched it, for four whole days. Jamie Lee Curtis, I'm so fucking sorry!

Knives Out had the style of writing that I often enjoy, so I knew this film would be well suited to my taste. The story was very funny with a few well timed jokes, but it really was the story itself that humoured the audience. The pace, the editing and definitely the dramatic design, all contributed to building the perfect mystery plot for a 131 minute film.

I don't think that it's hard to believe that this film probably didn't challenge a good amount of people that search for films that do. No film will completely satisfy every audience, and most just strive to be successful in the demographic it's geared toward. Or to make a lot money, obviously. I enjoyed seeing how the story would go, because I really enjoyed the cast and characters. The film was created that way to appeal to humour, occasional sincerity and to maintain the tone of a mystery. I love every witty, family central film, so of course I found this to be incredibly fun.

I tried to be as open minded as possible, because I know I loved this, but I can definitely understand why some didn't. I wish I could see more films like this come to mainstream theatres because they are the only ones available to me.

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