The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★½

I enjoy reading in-depth reviews on films before I watch them, and after as well. It helps me connect pieces I may have missed, or to process what messages the film was trying to convey. I was truly hoping that my habits would enhance the film, instead of just reminding me what wasn't clicking.

This was a beautiful film, it's not up for argument on whether or not the cinematography was absolutely stunning. The score was admirable and it's important to remember that this is the story of Jimmy Fails, it wasn't meant to be universal. I disagree that it should have been grittier with its look into gentrification and the lives of minorities in San Francisco, we weren't watching a film about everyone else's lives. It was about one man and what he was setting out to do, not every film has to shake up society. Some films are quieter.

Unfortunately, this film was too quiet for me. The script wasn't anything to write home about, and some scenes left me incredibly bored. I thought being a white girl in Canada might have created a small disconnect from the story, but nobody else seems to have had that problem. And I certainly don't need to relate to every movie to enjoy it, I don't often have that problem. I think that this film really wasn't my cup of tea, I needed more to bite down on.

It was a beautiful debut, but it left me wanting it to be more than it was. I don't feel impacted like everyone else seemed to be. Does it make me a shitty person if I say that I think a lot of people rated it higher than they probably thought it deserved? This was not a five star film, but if you connected with it greatly and you felt like the experience was five stars, I can't argue with that.

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