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  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust

    Some movies are called things like "Nine" or "Gerry" and, when going into them, you have to have heard what they're about already because the title is so ambiguous as to potentially be about just about anything. Yet, in other cases, you find yourself presented with a movie called something like Cannibal Holocaust. And, like that evocative title, Cannibal Holocaust is a movie that does not fuck around.

    Despicable. Obscene. Morally unjustifiable. Criminal. These are just a few of the…

  • Belladonna of Sadness

    Belladonna of Sadness

    When Mushi Production was formed in 1961, founder Osamu Tezuka sought to stick it to his former employers at Toei Animation, and stick it to them hard. Not only did he undercut his former employer (and all other active animation studios in Japan at the time) by producing animation more cheaply than any other studio was willing to afford, but he also set his sights higher than Toei ever would - Mushi Pro had much greater ambitions than that particularly…

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  • The Invisible Man Returns

    The Invisible Man Returns

    I watched this movie less than 24 hours ago and I've already forgotten everything that happened in it.

  • Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur

    Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur

    Fujiko F. Fujio's most beloved creation, Doraemon is a bona fide cultural icon; the blue robot cat from the year 2112 has starred in some 42 movies, numerous TV series and more assorted spinoff media to possibly count. Yet, despite this massive popularity, there's also one sad truth to the character - Doraemon media kinda sucks.

    In the original manga, which ran from either 1969 or 1970 to 1996, depending on whether your count starts from the character's first appearance…

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  • Psychic Vision: Jaganrei

    Psychic Vision: Jaganrei

    On April 8, 1986, 18-year-old Japanese idol singer Yukiko Okada threw herself off the roof of the 7-storey Sun Music building in Tokyo, an event that caused no small amount of shock and heartbreak among her fans and the general public in Japan. The stark contrast between the tragic figure who jumped to her death and the "Yukko" that fans thought they knew fueled the scandal, and, as is so often the case, inspired plenty of media both exploiting and…

  • Ju-on: The Grudge

    Ju-on: The Grudge

    In which the Ju-on franchise made the leap to the big screen, introducing a wider audience to the most pissed-off ghosts in Japan in the process. Cleaner and more polished in the way that theatrical budgets usually lead to, but still the same wonky assortment of non-linear chronology and piles of doomed saps dumb or unfortunate enough to set foot in the cursed house. There's little plot to speak of; a bunch of people, for various reasons, end up in…