1917 ★★★★★

Time to finally see what all the hype is about.
What Sam Mendes has done with "1917" really is an accomplishment in terms of directing. Being able to take footage and edit it together to make it one long take could have come off as a gimmick but thankfully it doesn't.

We follow the two leads as time is not on there side and they have to cross enemy lines where they have no idea when they could be attacked by the enemy.

Dean-Charles Chapman and George Mackay both do a good job and while we don't really get much background as to what they two of them did before they joined the army I did find myself caring about the two of them as they keep getting deeper into enemy lines.

You also have to give major credit to Roger Deakins for the cinematography, the set designers for how all the set pieces looked and Thomas Newman for his score.

At the credits there is a tribute that really made me see that this was a personal movie for Sam Mendes and he succeeded with flying colors.