All the Bright Places ★★★★

You can never have enough cheese.
"All the Bright Places" is a nice movie that really does show what can happen when two people meet and how much there interactions can change their lives in a positive light.

Elle Fanning and Justice Smith have a nice laid back chemistry with each other and I do feel that this movie does help to show more of Justice's range considering some backlash he got for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom". Also we get to see the more dramatic side of Keegan Michael Key.

I can see why this went to Netflix considering it has thirteen F-bombs and even though it is a YA movie adaptation it now has an R rating and probably wouldn't have done real good in the box office. Speaking of the F-bombs I was surprised to see this movie did have thirteen F-bombs.

In the end "All the Bright Places" has a nice charm to it and if you have the chance definitely check it out.