Capone ★★

Well that was a waste.
Josh Trank has had a major uphill to climb over after everything that happened with "Fan4stic" and "Capone" is not going to do him any favors.

Tom Hardy tries his best but I really didn't think he was good here. I'm not going to pretend that I'm an expert on Capone and I don't know how Capone actually sounded but it sounds more like Hardy was doing a cross between Nick Nolte and James Gandolfini during "The Sopranos".

Linda Cardellini was fine as Mae but the supporting cast really had nothing to do in this movie. The so called subplots of Capone and his illegitimated son has nothing to it, the FBI investigating him was a waste and the whole where is the supposed ten million isn't interesting.

The jury is still out on Trank as a director. I need to at least see two more movies from him before I can tell whether or not "Chronicle" was a fluke or not.