Cats ★★

You know you would think after all the complaints there were about Alita's eyes and Genie Will Smith we would have gotten use to the uncanny valley...yeah we're still not there yet.
Ok so first off I have never seen the play "Cats". I didn't know what to think when it came to "Cats" with how negative the reaction was to the first trailer with how the cats looked.

Now let me be clear I don't think that this movie was a complete train wreck like a lot of other people are saying but at the same time this is not a good movie.

I know there was a lot of complaints with how everyone looks but honestly the more you look at the cat people they are not as bad looking as you would think they are.

The real problems in this movie come from the fact that they CGI human faces onto baby mice and cockroaches and you just wonder who the hell came up with that idea.

The other issue is the fact that there is no real story to this movie and almost every scene the same thing happens where we meet a new cat and there is a song that plays.

You can tell the actors are giving it there all and you have to give them credit for committing to do all this and the dance sequences are nice and the songs are sung well, in fact if you just listen the songs themselves there really is something to them.

Francesca Hayward gives a good performance and has a nice singing voice, the Taylor Swift sequence was entertaining and say what you want about Swift but she commits to her role and the new song "Beautiful Ghost" is a good song and Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "Memories" is spot on.

It is a shame that this movie didn't work out in the end but I do hope that no one's career is affected by this.