Greenberg ★★★★

I do wonder how many ideas Stiller could fit into that thought below on the poster before it bursts.
I find Noah Baumbach movies to have this very laid back style to them even when there are very serious moments like when Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson had their argument scene in "Marriage Story" the whole scene still had this very laid back feel to it.

Ben Stiller is a very interesting actor, when he is in major comedies his characters do tend to be a bit more over the top but when in smaller movies Stiller gives a more restrained performance such as here in "Greenberg" I think that is why we can't really ever put Stiller in a box.

Greta Gerwig does her usually thing at just being down to earth, which is probably why she on Noah Baumbach fell for each other, and the rest of the cast do a solid job in this movie as well.

At times while the character of Greenberg might not be the most likable of characters what Stiller and Gerwig go through in this movie still makes "Greenberg" an interesting watch.