Murder on the Orient Express ★★★★

So with the truth about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard now truly out there let's talk positively about one of Depp's movies.
Ok so I now that Depp isn't the lead in this one but the character that he plays is a prominent role in this movie.

"Murder on the Orient Express" was an interesting choice to be the start for a Poirot movie franchise and not the first book, " The Mysterious Affair at Styles", but considering this is considered one of, if not the best, of Agatha Christie's books focusing on Poirot.

Kenneth Branagh shines as Poirot, while I still consider David Suchet to be the best Poirot, Branagh manages to encompass what makes Poirot Poirot but also add his own spin to it along with giving his Poirot his own unique mustache. I also like how Branagh made the Orient Express feel very alive as well.

The whole supporting cast all give solid performances also with actors like Josh Gad showing his dramatic chops and Daisy Ridley showing that there is more to her then just being Rey in "Star Wars". Also Depp does manage to shine with what little screen time his character does have.

If you have read the book or seen many of the other adaptations of "Murder on the Orient Express" then there really isn't anything new here you haven't seen or read before but this adaptation is still a solid one and I am looking forward to seeing "Death on the Nile".