The Color Purple ★★★★½

Before Spielberg did "Schindler's List" there was "The Color Purple".
A lot of the issues you see Spielberg tackle in "The Color Purple" you can see him tackle even further in "Schindler's List" thus you can see "The Color Purple" as the precussor to "Schindler's List".

At the point in Spielberg's career where he was more known for the fun movies like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "E.T." this movie showed the true talent Spielberg had as a director to be able to tackle any and all genres of film.

All the acting is spectacular with Danny Glover playing one horrible villian, Whoppi Goldberg making herself known to the world and of course what Oprah Winfrey showed in this movie we tend to forget because of how famous Oprah is now what a talent she is as an actress.

It's not just race that "The Color Purple" deals with there are a lot of topics this movie addresses and Spielberg manages to tackle those issues well.