The Invisible Man ★★★★½

Doesn't the poster here feel like a rip off of the poster for "Let Me In"?
For the last few years the horror genre has been in a major upswing but so far this year all of the major horror films haven't really delivered either critically or financially until now.

"The Invisible Man" really does keep you on your toes as we see what Cecilia has to do to prove that she isn't crazy and prove that her abusive ex really has turned invisible.

Elisabeth Moss turns in a really great performance as Cecilia we see how at first Cecilia is just happy to move on with her life but when her ex starts to make her life hell again we want to get this asshole and put an end to it all.

There is a lot of great tension in this movie as since we can't see Adrian we don't know, until certain moments at least, if it's just Cecilia in the room or if Adrian is with her and there are many clever tricks as to how Cecilia tries to make Adrian visible.

"The Invisible Man" is definitely the first real solid horror film of 2020 and hopefully the rest of the horror movies that come out for the rest of year will be just as good.