The Lighthouse ★★★★½

What exactly was Willem Dafoe eating that made him fart that much?
"The Lighthouse" is definitely one of the most bonkers type of movie that I have seen in a while. The movie starts off rather simple but then it just gets stranger and stranger by the minute.

What I really liked about this movie the most was Jarin Blaschke's cinematography it's what really makes me like this movie overall. The black and white of the movie really does help to make the sky and actual lighthouse really stand out and the movie absolute earned the Best Cinematography Oscar nomination.

At times I kind of got vibes of "The Vanishing" from earlier in 2019 and I do wonder if Robert Eggers was familiar with the story from "The Vanishing" while making this movie.

Both Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are excellent. It was a tough year with many great performances but I can definitely why some people were saying that both actors deserved Oscar nominations, Dafoe in particular.

At times the movie can be a bit ambitious for its own good. I'm not saying that I needed everything that was happening spoon fed to me but I do think that some aspects needed just a bit more to them.

Overall "The Lighthouse is one of those movies that really gets under your skin. For some it's in a good way and for some no doubt it will be in a bad way but the movie does stick with you and makes you think about long after you watch it.