The Searchers ★★★★★

Ok I get that the times were different but why does Ben have a sword?
It has been said by many that "The Searchers" is the greatest American western ever made and you can see why this movie has that sort of reputation.

Here we have the most complex character of any western John Wayne has been in. We don't actually see Wayne as a full on hero. Wayne plays a man who is more violent and can be pretty vicious as well. We see that he has his good moments but Wayne is on a mission to get back his niece from the Comanche tribe that took her and he knows that being nice will not get him anywhere in this situation.

The location shots are really sights to behold. Winton C. Hoch really outdid the cinematography for this movie. I am also looking forward to watching the special features since this movie is considered to be one of the first to have a "making of" feature.

Despite the seriousness of the mission John Wayne is on there are moments of levity that keeps the movie on an even tone.

As the search continues we see that Wayne has to take on a lot that really ways on his soul and you wonder what's going to happen to Wayne at the end of this journey.

It is pretty easy to see why "The Searchers" is as regarded as it is.