• Denial



    An interesting fight for the truth.
    As someone who is Jewish it does boggle my mind that there are people out there who try and deny that the Holocaust happened. Thankfully a movie like "Denial" shows that people will fight back against deniers and won't let what they say stand.

    Provided that you don't know how this story ends there is good tension if what Deborah and her legal team find is enough to shut Irving up and bring them…

  • Chappaquiddick



    "Chappaquiddick" is an interesting word.
    "Chappaquiddick" is a movie that rest a lot of the performances everyone gives in this movie. We have quite a cast here and everyone gives really good performances.

    Jason Clarke is an actor who always gives strong lead performances, such as in this movie, and I do wish the guy did get more consistent work as a lead.

    Kate Mara continues to have a nice upswing to her career with this movie along with "Megan…

  • Frank



    How can one breath under that head?
    I had very mixed feelings when I watched "Frank" the first time. I was really enjoying this movie for the first two acts but as the movie was in its third act and ending something about that rubbed me the wrong way. So upon re-watching "Frank" again I have to say that I a lot of those feelings I had from the first watch have those feelings.

    Now overall I do think that…

  • Blindspotting



    Wayne Knight is in this movie?
    "Blindspotting" does a solid job at blending serious and relevant topics along with a good sense of comedy to make a really solid movie about two friends and trials and tribulations that they are facing.

    I first took notice of Daveed Diggs when I saw "Wonder" and then really saw the talent the man has when I was finally able to see "Hamilton" earlier this year and Diggs talent continues to shine with this…

  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


    Ok so before "Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn" came out did this movie hold the record for the longest movie title?
    In watching an interview Brad Pitt did for "Ad Astra" back in 2019 Pitt talked about how this movie was one of his favorites to work on and this movie really is an interesting one.

    Brad Pitt is in top form as Jessie James along with a nice supporting cast who all gives…

  • Titan A.E.

    Titan A.E.


    What is up with Cale's face on the poster?
    "Titan A.E." is one of those movies that is the perfect example of a movie that has gone on to have a cult following after the movie originally came out.

    Now there is the sad fact that due to initial critical reception and the movie being a financial bomb that Don Bluth has not directing anything since and while it is unfortunate that this movie has that in its reputation it…

  • Arkansas



    So why is the "A" that comes after the "K" in Arkansas is replaced by a skull but not the other two "A's" as well?
    The only real thing that interested me about "Arkansas" was the fact that many of the locations in this movie were filmed around Daphne and Fairhope, AL.

    Other then that this movie wasn't on my radar. The main problem with "Arkansas" is that this movie has no focus on the plot. At one point we…

  • The Insider

    The Insider


    Whistleblower, pretty much an adult way of calling someone a tattletale.
    "The Insider" gives audiences a good look into what happens when a person has information that can be damaging to major companies and what that person has to go through when withholding the information he has and what can happen when said person decides to go public with the information.

    Here we have Russell Crowe back in the late 90s to early 2000s staring in many successful hits and…

  • Kingdom of Heaven

    Kingdom of Heaven


    There's always been a discussion of whether or not making a movie longer makes it better. It's a valid question as I do find that some movies are hurt by the run time and you can see where some parts could have been cut.

    On the other side however there is something to be said when a movies runtime was supposed to be long but then gets heavily edited to make the movie shorter. We have seen examples such…

  • The Machinist

    The Machinist


    Talk about committing to a role.
    Regardless of whether the movie turns out good or bad Christian Bale always commits to the role and one of the best examples of that is in "The Machinist".

    I said this before when I reviewed "Vice" but it's really the lengths that Bale will go to lose or gain weight needed for certain roles he plays. There's also the fact that Bale pretty much had to regain the weight he lost for this…

  • Howard



    This movie came out in 2018 and I'm only just hearing about it now.
    Howard Ashman was truly someone who deserves all the credit he has received for how he help to establish the Disney Renaissance period with how Howard came up with the lyrics to movies such as "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin". Not to mention the fact we get some insight into his contribution to "Little Shop of Horrors" as well.

    I mean the…

  • Bombshell



    You know I do wonder what this movie would have been like if Fox Studios, before the studio was bought by Disney, had made this movie.
    One thing about "Bombshell" that I really appreciated was that as we look into the investigation of Roger Ailes the movie really does go into the investigation and doesn't paint everything as one sided and we see really how complex this situation really was.

    You can see director, Jay Roach, now trying to emulate…