Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

It's the greatest film of the 21st century by a long long way.

Sorry Inland Empire
Sorry Blissfully Yours
Sorry The Tree of Life
Sorry Sparrow
Sorry In the Mood for Love
Sorry Yi Yi
Sorry Enter the Void
Sorry A Bittersweet Life
Sorry To the Wonder
Sorry 3-Iron
Sorry Only God Forgives
Sorry 2046
Sorry The Turin Horse
Sorry Brick
Sorry Synecdoche New York
Sorry Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
Sorry City of God
Sorry Russian Ark
Sorry Requiem for a Dream
Sorry Under the Skin
Sorry The Cremaster Cycle
Sorry Mulholland Dr.
Sorry Cache
Sorry Werckmeister Harmonies
Sorry Regular Lovers
Sorry Irreversible
Sorry Upstream Colour
Sorry Goodbye Dragon Inn
Sorry There Will Be Blood
Sorry Lost in Translation
Sorry Spirited Away
Sorry Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Sorry Hunger
Sorry Zodiac
Sorry all three Before films
Sorry all three Lord of the Rings films
Sorry Her
Sorry The Master
Sorry Drive
Sorry Spring Breakers

and sorry to Blue is the Warmest Colour. You were closest to my heart. You have been replaced, as has any other film that has ever gotten close.

We all have a Yoko in our lives. Hopefully we won't have to do a Mrs. Scorpion to get her or him to love us. This film is my Yoko. And I will never let it go.

Sion Sono, you disappoint me. All there is now is an eternal coldness in regards to your oeuvre, as there is with Polanski's. Masters? No doubt, but monsters just the same.

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