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  • The Metamorphosis of Birds

    The Metamorphosis of Birds


    Come, learn the language of birds. They will teach you to use words like wings, and they will take your heart, gift it feathers, and lift it to the currents of the sky. Where the seas are echoed, where the infinity of the horizon line can be explored, this is where the invisible path of birds will take you, where you will be shown the smallest of miracles and the greatest of tragedies, the inexpressible joy, the uncountable grief, and…

  • Persona



    Oh man, where do I start? Persona defies interpretation; in fact, one of the many themes of the film is the very struggle with interpretation. This film has so many different ways to interpret it that you could watch it hundreds of times and see something new each time. (it blows my mind how complex Persona manages to be in just 85 minutes). At the core of the film— the thread that runs through it all— is duality. The duality of things…

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  • Downsizing


    One micro, minuscule star for Downsizing.

    Within the first ten minutes there is a “Five years later” and a “Ten years later” title-card, corresponding respectively to an unnecessary prologue and a convention from the Edvadsen Institute that might as well be called “Exposition Conference.” The script, evidenced by this disjointed start, is janky and ironically tangential and bloated for a film about people going small. In other words, this is a story about minikin people, told with gargantuan boredom.


  • Nebraska



    The first image is of an old man, drearily trudging along a busy highway, hunched and singularly determined. A black-and-white palette belies the complexity of this figure, who needs only one glance to ascertain the sense of having a particular, storied history. A cop pulls over, steps out to approach him, and asks where ya headed? Where ya coming from?

    The man is Woody Grant. He believes he has won a million dollars, and is fixated on walking to Nebraska…

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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The ultimate capitalistic fantasy: taste the pure possibility of the multiverse and then return to dutifully do your taxes. That is only one of the ways this film espouses the pernicious ideology of capitalism; such values are embedded in the very fabric of its conceptually inconsistent multiverse. The maximalist excess, the superficial thought, the rush of spectacle, the triumph of the individual— these are the implicit and explicit outcomes of the capitalist system, and also the driving forces of the…

  • The 47 Ronin

    The 47 Ronin

    Watching this film was like trying to scale an immense glacier. A cold and distant and repetitive ascent. Scrabbling along a slick surface, severely steep, nearly insurmountable, no handholds or footholds, nowhere to find purchase or access. The struggle of a climb against a surface that closes itself off, a story that actively resists itself. Along an incline so steep it's nearly vertical, with only the most minimal of forward momentum. The film is an arduous endurance test: nearly four…