The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★

I mostly liked the idea of this more than its execution. A Polish woman, Weronika, catches a fleeting glimpse of a French tourist on a bus, Veronique, who looks exactly like her. These two women have an inexplicable, ineffable connection-- an emotional and perhaps even spiritual one. It unfolds with subtle, soft, sumptuous cinematography; a golden hushed yellow bestows a magical sense to the images throughout. The Double Life of Veronique is first and foremost a film about feeling and atmosphere.

However, I found its ambiguity ended up working against it. It became too enigmatic and mysterious, abstract to the point that whatever it was trying to say gets somewhat lost. A true connection with the characters and theme eluded me: watching this was like experiencing a dream with parts already frustratingly forgotten, or peering into a stream with its waters a little too obscured by the evening light.

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