Targets ★★★★½

Wow, not only a flawless directorial debut by one of New Hollywood's most overlooked directors (why is Bogdanovich never mentioned among the ranks of Coppola and Scorcese, and instead pushed to what seems to be every special features DVD extra of any movie from the 60s?) but also incredibly ahead of its time in terms of social commentary. As Quentin Tarantino put it, "it's not a thriller with a social message embedded in it. It's a social message with a thriller embedded in it." Apparently Samuel Fuller had something to do with this (not a surprise, considering White Dog and Naked Kiss). Bogdanovich is aware of the power of small details, like the main character reloading his sniper with the same air that he pops open a can of Coca Cola, or the way he chews a Baby Ruth while he buys ammunition. And of course who can forget the final scene, monster of the past confronting monster of the present.

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