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  • The Room

    The Room


    This movie is a glimpse of life in a world of excellent communication, where everyone says exactly what they mean, know what each other mean by what they say, and understand each other perfectly.

    There's a great scene that shows this, where the guys ask one of their friends to play catch for a while, and he says "Nah, I gotta go make out with my girlfriend." They understand, but they say back "Come on!" and he relents. They then…

  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    Since my first time watching it was on Christmas, it's a Christmas movie

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  • It



    Initial thoughts were that the movie was too damn loud. The new Pennywise isn't nearly as good as the original. I can't say I was ever actually frightened. But as far as remakes go, you could do a lot worse. The CGI was used properly, not overdone and not without good reason. And hey, 80s nostalgia is fun.

    The kid who played Richie stole the show.

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