Black Panther ★★★½

After the movie opened with pretty much nothing happening and then flashing the big MARVEL title yet again, I was pretty annoyed from the start. Why is Marvel trying to do this cold open thing? It's fine if there's immediate action, but without that it just feels like I'm watching TV. It's not what I'm going to the theater for. I can do that on my own damn time at my own damn house. But I digress.

One character, an outsider, shows up and in no time at all is willing to give his life for a cause he seems to have little reason to back. Not believable, whatsoever. Seemed like they just needed something for him to do and they gave him the wrong 'job' in terms of moving the story along, so to say.

There were a number of times the effects just looked bad. No other way to put it. A couple scenes of dialogue with a background that looked like it was a 2D printout. Blurry effects in the final fight scene. Some fight scenes were hard to follow and just a mess.

Despite this, it was a decent watch. The tech was cool, the aesthetics were neat, the plot was satisfying. Almost all of the characters have interesting and exciting arcs and personalities. I did like it overall.

What is it about Marvel movies that makes me so critical? I don't know. I guess I'm just disappointed that they get rushed out so fast that what they could be gets lost.

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