Babylon A.D.

Babylon A.D. ★★★

dumb and awesome vfx showcase that fails as an vfx showcase except for that one part where Vin backflips a snowmobile while shooting a drone out of the sky and another where he's flying on a big Coke Zero branded plane.

this feels so subsumed in whatever-the-fuck its lore is and rarely stops to explain itself so I was never really sure what was happening on a moment to moment basis, not helped by my constant stopping and starting -- rented on iTunes supposedly in HD but the colours were so washed and the video so choppy that I pinched a blu rip off the bay ('ollie2012' was in the comments asking "anyone got the non-extended version with the black and white babies?"); had a big coffee beforehand and spent much of the runtime "bleeding the lizard"; and got stuck scanning the web for info on the wacky source material. this one disgruntled guy on goodreads reckons the book was garbage but the parts he says are bad sound sick:

"I got about a quarter of the way through Babylon Babies before giving up. The first chapter was a brutally boring account of one man's love affair with his AK-47, but I slogged through it. I waded through faux hardboiled lines like:

It was fucking hot.


Romanenko scanned his screen with fucking intensity...


The author’s name is Maurice Dantec. I have to wonder if something got lost in translation. I gather he's big in France. This book has been made into a movie called Bablylon A.D. which I will studiously avoid."

don't avoid this! home to some essential Vin moments: I was scanning my own screen with fucking intensity in the opening seconds when Vin's monologuing "Life's a bitch and then you die - bumper sticker philosophy. Yeah, right" over a big bird's-eye Resident Evil zoom while kneeling and then being consumed in flame