Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★

Never thought I'd live long enough to see myself become the villain but... this is good. Great in parts, even. And I don't want to boil this whole movie down to a matter of semantics but I'm nearly 100% sure that if this thing dropped the BvS part and came into existence as a cleaner Dawn of Justice I wouldn't have been so displeased that the two big cape boys make up towards the end and go on to fight a big dumb blob (which, coming out of Man of Steel, makes a whole lot more sense, along with other crucial bits and pieces). Plus, sounds cooler.

Most of this appreciation comes from the fact that Snyder drops the juvenile handheld bs that killed MoS opting for a cleaner, silky smooth grey-blue aesthetic that bests any moment from the previous installment (thanks, more money!). Everything seems to be buzzing with life. Movement in the frame is actually discernible, not reduced to a haze of pixels. Action scenes here are coherent and (mostly) without crash zooms, dream-desert-apocalypse-jacket-donning Batman still the coolest looking dude in the whole thing. Most bizarre to me is how this thing sits in this weird, rushed DC network, with these odd plot references to an unreleased Wonder Woman and with Batman obviously lacking the backstory that Supe's solo film gave him. Just the existence of Wonder Woman boosts this up a star, necessary context given to Diane's entanglement.

Eisenberg's Acting wasn't half as cringy as I remember it being but isn't without its moments of embarrassment, and Lex definitely finds a nice middle ground to stir shit between the two brawling heroes. On the other hand, thank god McNairy and Hunter meet their maker so soon because their scenes, while pivotal, are bogus. Whoever wrote Fishburne's jokes should be fired. I still can't believe Amy Adams takes such a graceless fall on her way to pick up ye ol Kryponite spear. Dumb dumb dumb.

Other scenes that deserve a hard delete: "the bat is dead".

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