Hereditary ★★★★½

*me, breaking King Paimon’s crown like the end of MEAN GIRLS*: 

“A piece for Alex Wolff. A piece for Toni Collette. A piece for Ann Dowd.”

A truly unimpeachable performance from Toni Collette; each time I watch I find new things in her voice or her face that showcase another level of Annie’s grief or anger (or sense of humor! This movie is funny, people!)

The truly human moments of this film ground its other-worldly premise and make it a contender alongside some of the great “grief as horror” films: Peter sitting in the car (and Annie sitting in the car later), Joan’s sincere joy when contacting Louie and Steve letting Annie sleep outside. 

I’ll say again how much I love Alex Wolff’s performance here, and how engaging it is to see a complex mother/son relationship on film, and his lil teenage cries make my heart hurt okay!!!

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