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  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild


    This isn’t a film without merit, but it comes with a lot of warnings. There are many, many animals in this film and every one of them is CGI. None of them look realistic. It’s pretty hammy and is wrestling over whether or not it should take itself seriously. It should not, and the film would have been better for it.

  • The Spirit of Christmas

    The Spirit of Christmas


    Absolutely incredible in how awful it is.

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  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


    As action-adventure films go, this is as close to perfect as you'll every get.

  • American Beauty

    American Beauty


    Still feels fresh almost 20 years after its release. I watched it when it was originally released on VHS and it stuck with me ever since. Just brilliant.