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  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life

    Pretty subtle Jim Stewart performance here.

  • Ninja Terminator

    Ninja Terminator


    A telephone argument between Richard Harrison and some Ninja Empire executive is the most quotable film scene in recent memory.

    3 days, 66 hours, 31 weeks, 8 seconds, 40 minutes, this minute has 17 hours, nothing gets reformed, shadows consume the golden ninja puzzle apparatus. Right before the dissolve-fade salts reveals colorful forms inside.

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  • Disaster Movie

    Disaster Movie


    This feels like a movie from The a god-awful way.

    The production value is disgusting to look at.

    The special effects are piss-poor.

    The acting is piss-poor.

    The costume designs are terrible.

    Everything about this movie is terrible!

    Can someone please lobotomize these filmmakers?

  • Sex Tape

    Sex Tape


    I thought that "The Cloud" had a privacy policy, you know, to avoid the stupid shit that occurs in this movie; just a suggestion, writers.
    Not only is Sex Tape the worst Apple commercial ever, but it is also one of the worst movies of the year. It is truly a cynical and idiotic exercise.

    In this deeply tedious picture, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel get off their lazy, rich asses and fail to resurrect their sex life as their…