Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★½

- It's like his cineaste spin on Nazi hunters, it feels really obvious & sycophantic in the 21st century, would've been radical if it was made 30-40 years ago, off the heels of Sergio Corbucci's mark.

- Hip anarchronistic soundtrack does not automatically mean there's personal meaning being laced in. It's a pretty hit-and-miss one regardless of any wielding. Emotionally banal in spots, as all bad soundtracks are capable of being

- Is Tarantino really indifferent about transgression? Because I feel like he's trying to be a tonally biting commentator, and there's some mental force that limits his imagination.

- 2012, Christoph Waltz went from a great role that imbued anxiety & fresh awareness of comic book cynicism in The Green Hornet to being another white picker-upper, lol.

- Jamie Foxx's optimal pose before killing a whipper evokes satyr imagery to me. Also, he is just a virtuous puppet for QT in this movie. Again, obvious trite grabs.

- Introduction to the Klan is set with awfully utilized, arthouse token orchestra music, implying incoming chaos, waw!

- If it wasn't for the acting being generally hilarious, I would've ragged on the script a lot.

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