• Analyze This

    Analyze This

    Little Italy Don, meet the Freudian Thug Warlock.

    One from the deep end years of Hollywood High Concepts. At times hilarious, some surprisingly well handled light, saturation and angles by Stuart Dryburgh. This movie just looks really good when I had the tv screen on high contrast & hight sat. settings (with decrease brightness). But not nearly as clever as it thinks it is despite some admirable chirp shots. Including some good old Freudesque mommy-panic and Chazz Palminteri's gag on wanting…

  • Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    Bokeem opened up Pandora's Box, damn, still better than 8:46.

  • Sandy LaPalissé

    Sandy LaPalissé

    The King of Swing has entered the gig race.

  • Rapid Life

    Rapid Life

    Rapid eye movement as the flickering camera light. A sublime approximation of fantastical feeling and sensuous macroscopic wonder. Blissed and obsessively, lucidly existent. Reed really makes his images fly.

  • Hostel


    Mark Kermode, I think, got this movie wrong. In the start of his review, he waxed on about how horror 'exploits' concerns of losing one's identity and how Hostel seemingly focused more on a simpler yet still scary fear because it concerns body parts. "No substance whatsoever," he later calmly chides. Apparently Dr. Deep Ideas Kermode is not one to discuss themes with anyways but I still find his wording to be leaky in this case.

    I believe that both…

  • The Man Who Wasn't There

    The Man Who Wasn't There

    The Shadow Who Didn't Leave

  • Good Night, and Good Luck.

    Good Night, and Good Luck.

    The dour prequel to David Fincher's MANK.

    The ghoulish presence of Murrow is so allmighty yet so deliberately abstracted from humanity, when he's not doing tapings his face frumps and hampers down like a mech pilot's scarring withdrawal from his second skin, suppressing strained memories while never crashing down. But Clooney really directs a crusading road to nowhere with characters that reach their predetermined endpoints and flatten into the dark. He does contrived lunges at the audience…

  • 50k in Godard’s bag
  • The History of the Atlanta Falcons

    The History of the Atlanta Falcons

    Okay, just finished up the last part. The politics were obnoxiously stupid and vaguely pro-establishment while also being fairly self-critical about the traps of the competitive process and trusting your vote (as dispensed in the first 30 of the finale). ALSO in pt. 7 was the electrifying cringe emmanating from a white guy talking about Black appeal in Atlanta and how it related to the Falcons and politics. Black is such a vulgar term spawned by whites to describe people…

  • Bacurau


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A thousand years ahead of politically partisan definition. Who would want to see their township genocided by a Hostess Twinkie, an overacting German & their insipidly spoken American compadres? Why not have alien lightcraft spear over them? This movie wants to be too literal anyways.

  • No Sudden Move

    No Sudden Move

    Proves Godard right about the death of standards on Technicolor and morticians delicate about the beauty of dead man makeup, whilst looking rubbery (what a tableau) and hilariously controlled. I would have loved this movie all the way back in 2016.

    Soderbergh's pronounced schtick is like witnessing the game plan to the divide and conquer mentality of industry. It's not enough to humanely decry the coding from its inventor as "contempt", although the spaced vibes amongst the human cliché definitely…

  • Election 2

    Election 2

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Concerned more with the characters behind the system than the system machine itself. 2 is when this Election duology of films finally gets to a point of how man's thirst for power languishes after victory. In Chairman Lok's case, after annihilating the life of his rival without fear of consequence.
    The opening 5 minutes implies the transformation of tradition from physical acts of concentration to a concentrated center of discussion (connection) and symbology (noting the words projected onto the wall…