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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Disgustingly beautiful, surprisingly funny, and downright brutal: Midsommar is horrifying in the way Hereditary is scary. 

Ari Aster creates these worn down and understandably codependent protagonists and throws them into situations that defy reason. He brings us up close and personal to how a human reacts when faced with the ultimate tradegy.

And that’s just the first 10 minutes.

Once you catch your breath, you are swept into a world of twisted fantasy. One of rituals, foreign tongue, and unimaginable mutilation. Because Swedish cults are easier to comprehend than losing both your parents at the hands of your bipolar sister, right?

Other, more general notes: 
-The acting was outstanding, as was the costume design and dialogue. The script felt so real and raw it was as if I could see myself reacting in the same ways. 
-There are so many aspects of the film that felt purposeful, I feel like I will watch this a second and third time and only then start to see it in full. 
-Midsommar did not disappoint. Cannot wait to see what else Ari Aster has in store for us.

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