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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Bury me at sea like my ancestors who knew death was better than bondage. This is a brave funny, groundbreaking blockbuster much better than many other Marvel predecessors. What a cast. What a range of strong women. What lines. And a genuinely exciting chase sequence in Busan.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Sweet, VERY nicely done, but nothing broundbreaking. Dare I say it.. overhyped?. Laurie Metcalf is always magnificent. The best friend, too. I felt uncomfortable in how Danny, the gay friend's traumatic coming out was handled as a side issue. Similarly desperately wanted more of the priest who has a breakdown, and gets a scene with Lady Bird's mum, then is never seen again. But the abortion assembly was a standout moment. Perhaps that explains the hype in the US.

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  • Chappie



    Sigourney Weaver says she'd seen District 9 three times before being asked to be in Chappie. And she nails it when she says the power of Blomkamp's sf dystopias are that they take place "10 minutes from now". Be aware she's barely in it. Much of our interview is about their Alien plans, not surprisingly. But as she says, there are echoes of Katherine Parker, her Oscar-nominated turn in Working Girl - the hard CEO with a closed and ruthless…

  • Interstellar



    Is this the ultimate humanist film?
    Both Anglican priest Giles Fraser and scientist Dr Adam Rutherford challenged my love of this film on twitter:

    In fact they loathed it. Adam's points are right about the politics of the film -- NASA as heroes who can fix things. Trust engineering. Run away from the manmade issue of climate change. It feels like the political wish fulfillment of the Gen Xers (like me) who mourned the loss of the grand dreams…