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  • Horror Hospital

    Horror Hospital


    Robin Askwith, star of countless bawdy British sex comedies of the 70s, plays a songwriter who goes on holiday to a spa run by a mad doctor. There's the first problem, it's not a hospital!

    I can't take Robin Askwith seriously and your not supposed to, as this still has the same smutty innuendo as you would expect from him and it cheapens the whole affair. The story isn't bad, but the film makers seem to forget they're not making…

  • Parasite



    Outstanding all round, acting, direction, cinematography, score, script and humour are all exemplary and wrapped up in a layered twisty turny plot. Believe the hype!

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  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    There are some great shots, it's well directed and acted. The old home invasion trope is flipped up to create something new and the use of a blind guy really works to create heightened tension in certain scenes.

    However, after all the hype I was expecting something on par with Green Room or It Follows and sadly it didn't quite live up to either film. As nice as the opening shot was, I felt like it wasn't necessary and maybe gave too much away. I did still enjoy it and I'm looking forward to whatever Fede Alvarez does next.

  • Hustlers



    I was a bit disappointed with this! I was expecting a 'Widows' type heist movie and I got a strippers drugging and robbing dudes movie!

    I wasn't really convinced by Constance Wu's central performance and J-lo was good, but not Oscar worthy, like some people said. The structure didn't really work and the women bonded very quickly and we never got a sense of their character beyond a couple of lines, like, 'My Mom and Dad chucked my out, when…