Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★½

This was one of favourite films when I was fourteen and I don't think I've watched it for more than 25 years, so I was a little nervous that it would now be a massive let down. I needn't have worried, I still loved it!

The nostalgia value is obviously massive, but I did still find a lot of it very funny. It is extremely stupid, but also incredibly original; babysitting Napoleon, Socrates and Billy the Kid trying to chat up girls, Joan of Arc doing aerobics, etc, etc. It's like a live action cartoon. I still absolutely loved it and had a massive smile on my face throughout.

It would have been five stars, but there's a homophobic joke half way in, that wouldn't even be considered today, let alone included. If you used to love it and haven't seen it for a while, it's well worth a rewatch and is an absolute 80s classic!

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