The Room

The Room ½

After two viewings of 'The Disaster Artist', I thought I'd better give this a watch, but, oh my god, it's absolutely shite!

The so bad it's good thing didn't really work for me, it wasn't cheesy, camp or funny enough to pull that off. It is truly awful, there isn't really a plot, it's nonsensical and it gets very boring watching so many bad sex scenes, in bad sets and dull locations, especially when you don't know what was going on. The only intriguing thing was Wiseau, as I now know how weird he is and how the hell did this cost $6m?

This isn't that easy to watch in the UK and I actually had to buy a US copy of the DVD, I don't think I'll ever watch it again, in fact I might even burn it so it's not in my collection. I'm glad I've seen it so I never have to watch it again.

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