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  • Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    That ending really said, “Idk. Here you go?”

  • Freaky



    Like Happy Death Day, Freaky has a premise that is immediately intriguing, lending itself to a great mix of comedic levity and some pretty high stakes suspense. I especially thought Vince Vaughn brought a lot of charm to his role. Unfortunately, I think the execution here is not nearly as clean as HDD. There are too many instance where I felt myself getting taken out of the story by plot points and devices that asked too much of my suspension of disbelief. I’d shrug it off as expecting too much from a teen horror popcorn flick, but I guess HDD changed my expectations.

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  • Midsommar



    So I watched the Director’s Cut of Midsommar, which was showing in theaters here for a few days and honestly, I do feel like this cut sells the “break-up movie” Ari Aster describes it as moreso than the original. The turn Dani takes certainly feels more convincing and Christian is painted as an even bigger douche canoe (if that’s even possible).

    This version just feels like a different angle to the same great film. I’m very glad I was able…

  • Parasite



    It’s clear to me from the Korean cinema I’ve had the pleasure of watching that there is a real interest in telling stories that revolve around social classes and the tensions that lie there when they collide. Parasite was able to find some compelling, unique pain, urgency, and humor in that dynamic unlike anything I’ve seen before.

    I was immediately drawn to this family that clearly come from a place without the means of their upper-class counterparts they stumble upon later…