Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

a sprawling, novelistic landscape with that impeccable tarantino dialogue, nuanced comedy, plenty of meta references and visual irony, and lots of feet. a beautiful bromance. i love the tangential long shots and disjointed conversations that some people call unrelated but that i think just make this pseudo hollywood world all the more four dimensional and personal. i love how tarantino plays with history and just as hitler should have died in a brad pitt sanctioned theater fire, sharon tate should have been saved at the hands of her goofy margarita-drunk neighbor. a testimony to auteur theory and good soundtracks and tracking shots and brad pitt's jawline and feet and more feet. the ~climactic scene~ just reeked of tarantino's true and genuine love for film and i know he's controversial especially for letterboxd users but that man got me into film and has helped me write screenplays and that doesn't mean i wouldn't be honest about his movies but when i say this is a wonderfully vivid and animated and just HUMAN movie i mean it. he puts people in seats and revitalizes a love for cinema that lost trajectory for a bit mid 2000s. the whole theater was laughing and gasping and yeah it was a little slow at first but i would much rather have it be completely immersive than a bang bang overly confrontational movie with a 1h 15min runtime. anyways i was really scared I might be disappointed and i was so glad i wasn't and that tarantino handled sharon tate and the manson family without sensationalizing them and somehow made the whole very real situation seem like one dreamy thread in a fantasy story. thank you tarantino for making huge strides for the foot fetishists of the world and thank you letterboxd for coming to my ted talk!

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