Incendies ★★★★★

“Does one plus one make one?”

Ummmm.... Wow. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not this. I’m hesitant throwing out five stars like this, because there were areas of the film where I felt it slowing down, and at times it can feel slightly repetitive, but the overall experience and story it’s telling is breathtaking and terrifying.
This is the most emotionally invested I’ve been in a film in a long time. I felt exactly what the characters were feeling and was scared when they were scared, and shocked when they were shocked. 

From a technical standpoint this is fantastic as well. The use of music stands out particularly, as it isn’t used often, but when it is you really feel every bit of it. 

Denis’ films always look gorgeous, and this one has a particular beauty to it. The 1:85:1 aspect ratio works wonders for this story and the landscapes; using a ratio without the CinemaScope bars on the top and bottom of the frame worked as a great way to “de-cinematize” the story and ground it in reality. I felt like I was in the world with the characters. The close-ups specifically are some of my favorites I’ve seen. 

The ending is horrifying, but beautiful and reminds me of how incredible mothers are (random right?). This film makes me feel so blessed to have lived the mostly comfortable life I have, surrounded by a family that loves me. 

So incredible.

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