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  • Wildlife



    The title “Wildlife” is a reference and is utilized as poetic symbolism for nature and the constant cycles surrounding the organisms within it; the most obvious comparison I can make is taking the Brinson family and using it as a metaphor for an ecosystem. The father Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal), the mother Jeanette (Carey Mulligan) and the son Joe (Ed Oxenbould) are the three essential components that form it. A significant conception revolving ecosystems is that each part has astronomical importance,…

  • Happy-Go-Lucky



    The idea that femininity can be expressed through happiness rather than strength. 

    Cheerfully diverse in its color palette, contained and cozy in its cinematographic look, and personal in its direction; the feminist undertones are implemented in a focused and subtle way underneath the characteristics of the setting. Mike Leigh creates a character that is so unique, expressive, and relatable but does it in such an unconventional way. Someone that is so happy, maybe even too happy, and is exemplified through…

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  • Michael Clayton

    Michael Clayton

    It has a needless amount of complications surrounding its plot, but Michael Clayton’s script is incredibly sharp and fast which allows for this crackling and mature legal thriller to be as intellectually entertaining as it is. It takes the ‘here’s-how-it-happened’ formula to provide for jaw-dropping reveals and cathartic moments, only to later slap its audience across the face and showcase the reality and morality of the situation. It’s a tense and almost classic experience that engenders a dark and gloomy…

  • I'm Not There

    I'm Not There

    I’m Not There is an attempt at formulating the seemingly basic biopic trope into a structurally different narrative. We follow popular musical artist Bob Dylan through six different stages of his career, all of which resemble the many personalities he would place himself under. The style, setting, and most importantly actor switch through as each perspective varies, which is a artistic and creative way to handle such a story. 

    However, the film feels far too experimentally driven for its own…

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  • Tenet


    teacher: the test isn’t that confusing 

    the test:

  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman

    I like to ask myself after watching a movie “Would this movie exist if it wasn’t trying to win any awards?” The simple answer with Pieces of a Woman is no. Despite its heartbreaking themes and amazingly difficult dramatic performances, something about it feels empty. It’s as if you watched these characters go through pain without reason. I get that this movie is a vehicle for the actors to really do their thing but if you wanna make a truly…