Cabaret ★★★★½

With its dazzling visuals and impeccable acting, Cabaret is a film everyone must see if they love musicals and it holds up quite well upon rewatch. Every technical aspect of this movie is flawless. Everything about the production scale, lighting, camera work, sound, and of course, the editing is amazing. But far and away the most impressive technical of it is Bob Fosse's direction. He did an excellent job at creating a very visually demanding musical. All of these elements still hold up, which is awesome for a movie that came out almost 50 years ago. Liza Minnelli is doing stunning work. She captured an amazing musical performance and a great dramatic one. Joel Grey truly steals every scene. He became the Master of Ceremonies, and did not just play himself. Every scene he is in, he completely stole. All the musical numbers here are really energetic and catchy. They give this movie a lively touch that makes it more entertaining. This is the prime example of a classic musical, and, you gotta watch it at night for the full effect.

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