Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★½

We start off in a field covered by the effulgent sunshine on the brisk of evening. Adults working fiercely with sweat on their foreheads and dirt on their clothing, and children running around with big smiles of glee on their faces. A place so delectably simple yet sweet, an area in which you’d never expect any danger. But, of course, it all goes downhill from here. At first, it appears to be your formulaic detective case movie, however its subtle exploration of the societal quandaries revolving gender and class within Korea thoroughly sets it apart. A group of officers who are in a constant state of erraticism - they are either taking themselves seriously are acting as total fools - showcasing a sense of humanity and winsome realism. The film engenders an atmosphere that immediately makes the viewer knowledgeable and comfortable in this setting, further pushing the tension and complex set of dilemmas that we see our characters face. Similar to Parasite, Bong Joon Ho crafts an ending that feels bittersweet and intentionally uncertain. Despite the fact that I had little emotional resonance towards it, there’s no denying that Memories of Murder is an expertly crafted piece of thrilling filmmaking.

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