Milk ★★★½

I will be talking about this movie on a podcast (the first episode will most likely come out today or tomorrow), so I wanna take some time to say this rather than talk much about the movie itself: here’s the link:

Milk portrays what it feels like to be in the LGBTQ community correctly. As someone who is gay, I really understood a lot of what people were going through in the movie. Obviously, Sean Penn did an amazing job and really helped with this. The movie doesn’t necessarily treat these people like they are completely out of place. In fact, most of them were pretty normal people that had normal lives. The only difference was their sexuality. This simply proves that our community is no different than yours. We do the same things, we feel the same feelings but we just have a different sexuality. I will never understand why we get discriminated against. People are truly assholes sometimes and will never understand what it’s like to stick out or be “different” in one aspect. Being a part of this community is not something we necessarily choose. We were born like this and you can’t change that. So next time you think of saying something like “being gay is unnatural” or “ gay people are so weird” think about what that means. Are we really that different? Do we really need to interfere with your lives in a negative way? We are just trying to be who we were born to be. Don’t be someone like Josh Brolin’s character and go out of your way to fight against our rights. I’m not saying you need to immediately turn gay just because I wrote this or you saw a movie, but please treat our community as you would treat anyone. Don’t give us weird stares, don’t talk about us like we’re foreign creatures, don’t make us feel like we don’t belong. We do belong here and we are just as important as you. I know you probably didn’t read this whole thing but if you did, thank you so much! I highly appreciate it.

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