Moxie ★★★

If slightly coerced and lacking in terms of self-awareness, Moxie felt fresh in terms of its narrative progression, socially relevant message and character expansion. Amy Poehler understood what she was doing here - merging an assemblage of themes that reflect the quandaries with modern societal norms about gender and race - which is why the experience felt earned and engaging. While there may be nothing striking revolving around her voice behind the camera, it’s hard to deny that she both knew what she was doing and had fun with it. The best way to describe this movie is appealing; it’s about a girl who simply wants to stand up for herself in multiple fascinating directions. The storylines feel simple yet productive and they avoid utilizing uninteresting characters as plot devices. The issue here may be the execution, which can feel either formulaic or unnatural. Sometimes the script doesn’t allow for these characters to act pristinely. Nonetheless, it’s an easy watch and I can see many finding this to be quite moving.

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