Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

Yeah so this is my favorite movie since Parasite

What astonishes me most about Promising Young Woman is the attention to detail. Other than some smart, little clues within its story to either foreshadow or symbolize its themes, the movie understands how to use the color palette, Cassie’s outfits, set decoration and musical score to further greaten the subtleties of the themes presented and factors to its style. Each shot of the movie is filled to the brim with all different types of these incredible elements. A specific something that I noticed with Cassie’s clothing is the coloring depending on the situation. Whenever she goes out to a bar to do her so-called evil routine, she wears darker colored outfits. This both resembles the darkness of night and the more unlighted part of her personality. During the day, she wears pretty, light and colorful outfits that really pop through the screen to exemplify her more positive and bright side. Her shirts and sweaters have designs of rainbows, flowers, mystical creatures, fruits, etc to bring out her joyousness. The constant change of outfits is not only noticeable, but daring and effective. It shows how tricky she is as a character, as she is never predictable with her plans to influence others. And despite being smart about her trickery, she is also somewhat confused on her personality. Because she’s at a weird place in her life, she isn’t necessarily on board with how to deal with herself, especially considering her past, traumatic, experiences. The change of clothing between time or day and event taking place also shows her unknowingness as a human being and her current situation with her life. Watching this character is not only extremely powerful allowing me to understand this character’s point of view, but it’s also just super fun and entertaining to watch this happen along with the plot lines and insane actions. That’s why this movie works so perfectly; it has mature, dark and rich themes underneath a smart, funny, colorful, impeccably-acted wild ride of a movie. 

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