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This review may contain spoilers.

Thrilling, explosive, magnetic, darkly comical, dramatically earnest, charismatically colorful and exponentially striking. Every boundary is broken and shattered as this film is able to feel ostensibly crazy in an unrealistic sense yet withal manage to capture a genuine and raw depiction of reality. The character of Cassie is contradictory and complex exemplifying what a ‘trickster’ means. The point of the character is to showcase the idea of how ‘looks can be deceiving’. Her fluffy pink sweaters topped with designs of fruits and rainbows, light blonde hair and simple uses of makeup lead others to believe that she is the opposite of intimidating. However, she is toxically inclined to get her revenge in the most unconventionally astute ways. By utilizing her bold perspicacity and emotionally unstable state of mind, she is able to not only control but dominate her environment. The film’s ending - which is understandably receiving mixed reactions - authentically lets out an electrifying feeling of catharsis topping off this comedy/thriller/drama with a truly riveting finale.

And despite all this, the biggest twist surrounding the film is the fact that Carey Mulligan is British in real life.

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