Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

The best part of Sound of Metal, is, well, its utilization of sound. Not only does it help to further push the story of the movie, but withal get the viewer to really step into the shoes of the main character of Ruben (Riz Ahmed). The sound design is seemingly a lot different when you are not in the perspective of Ruben and when you aren’t. You authentically aurally perceive everything he feels allowing you to sympathize with him. Another reason why you can feel this character so well is because of Riz Ahmed’s performance. The performance isn’t precisely flashy but rather facile, and he gets ahold of the character so well that you can be at the same level he is. He understands the qualifications of being auditorily impaired and treats it as a completely new thing. The movie’s simple plot only helps you to realize how awful it is to become unable to hear. If the story were complicated, you wouldn’t be able to truly feel the message that the movie is endeavoring to send.

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