Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★

The way this film combines dark humor and sadness is unbelievable. I really have to congratulate this movie for several reasons. It’s ability to show distributing or harsh things. It doesn’t hold back at showing something really gross for the purpose of having an affect on the audience. If you’ve seen it, you’d know that there are a couple of really gross moments and it really works. I also love how the movie feels like not much has happened, but so so much more happens than you think. It’s able to focus on the characters and distract the viewer from the events taking place outside of them. However, I couldn’t find myself connecting to any character and I found it to be very boring at points. I wish I could understand more, but I don’t. Hot take but it’s my opinion so don’t fight. I really wish I loved this, and I don’t (yet). I promise to rewatch !!!

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