Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★

One of the most nostalgic movies from my childhood. But time has not been kind, and I finally see it for what it truly is.

The cinematography is one of my biggest problems with it. They have the broken neck syndrome, every other shot. Tilt, tilt and tilt some more. Goodness.

Val Kilmer does a decent job as Bruce and as Batman. I would have liked to continue seeing Michael Keaton, but I'm pretty sure he wanted to be done. Val has a great voice for the Dark Knight without trying too hard.

I also enjoyed the colors. Yeah, they're kind of invasive but they're very vibrant without a ton of actual color correction from post production. It's gives it that truly comic book aethestic.

Then we get to the villains. Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey are about as over the top as you can get. It's as if they fused Joker with both or them. They laugh maniacally at everything. Apparently Tommy hated working with Jim. Then why act like him?

It's cheesy, I laughed way too hard at scenes that shouldn't have had laughter, it's flat out a mess. Though in spite of that I still had a blast.

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