Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

I hate to be that guy. You know who I'm talking about. "Wahhh you ruined my franchise wahhh". But all Fantastic Four movies SPAT on the source material.

I'm livid we do not have a single remotely good FF film. I'm livid that we have to live with the fact that 3 films in 15 years have been of this quality. In not a single one did we have an exciting, memorable battle. No creative character moments. No sentimental growth or passion behind anything.

These movies would steer anyone away from becoming a fan of the comics. And that's a shame. Because deep down, I KNOW these are amazing characters. Screw you Fox. Screw you Josh Trank.

In this instance, it tries for a gritty, tragic account of young kids gaining unimaginable powers. They're separated for a good majority. Reed Richards straight up bails for a good portion. At first, no one wants or understands what has happened to them. Next scene: they're training and utilizing their powers. Wtf?

Kate Mara switches from wig to real hair scene after scene. Thing has no pants. Doctor Doom looks like an irradiated mushroom. The final battle has no place being there, because nothing gives it a reason to. I hate this. I hate that all three of these movies tarnish any semblance of greatness that could have been. Read comics, if you're anything like me. Find great stories you'll never see in a film. Don't pay for s*** like this anymore. I pray that the fans clamoring for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt FF reboot becomes a thing, and that it's actually decent. This may be our last chance.

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