Hook ★★★

Maybe it's another one of those "you had to be there, had to grow up with it" type of films, but I didn't feel the magic this was trying to let off.

At TWO AND A HALF HOURS, there's a meaty tale in Neverland, but what kid has this kind of attention span? Some of the time, it wasn't all that engaging either. All the scenes with Peter were fine, even if he came off as a prick in the early segments, but when it moved to any other party, I didn't get a lot of enjoyment.

Why is it even called Hook? He's not the main focus, Pan is more so. Let's not forget Hook acts as if he's going to commit suicide to prompt Smee in saving him. There's another problem: Smee. He's not his comedic relief self like the original. First of all, I'm not trying to say this needs to follow the themes of the first. All of its offensiveness would get in the way. But Smee was hysterical, and I wish they would have kept that characterization at least.

Okay, I'll lay off a little bit. I think Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell was a great casting choice, and John Williams score was whimsical as ever. Dustin Hoffman makes Hook as believable as possible, translated from animation to live action. Not a lot of comedy worked, but that moment where the pirate shoots a guy during baseball for stealing second base was a knee slapper.

Overall, I am slightly disappointed, but I knew this wouldn't be a favorite of mine from the master Steven Spielberg. I hold too much love for the original, and when they try to remake, or continue the story, it tarnishes any first impressions I may have.

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