In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

Sheer melancholy bottled in taciturn interactions. Uncertainty restricting the vulnerable heartache felt by the scorned. Palpable lust, and the forces preventing it from being so. Passion was not set to prevail when past pain pushed away the idea of recreating sin.

Wong Kar Wai made a decision for the benefit of this film, and one simply begging to be used more, to exclude filming the faces of the unfaithful. After all, the focus wasn't their story, but the ones left in the aftermath. Certainly, this could have translated for the remaining side characters, but it also serves the purpose of dehumanizing the ones who step away from the comfortable, loving homes they took for granted.

That's the furthest this film dispatches punishment onto infidelity. Right and wrong do not lay themselves out to be aligned by the blueprint of the film; it was always up to the audience to decide. And that's what our star-crossed lovers face with every moment spent together.

Feelings of missing the other's company, but not knowing what to do once they arrive. Residences are memories, regret being the glue holding theirs together.

Life recapitulates our decisions back to us. Love should sway them.

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